Moeckel Pond Village District




Frequently Asked Questions
  • Who will restore the dam to working condition?
    A partnership of non-profit organizations will be restoring the dam to meet NH DES safety regulations and restore Moeckel Pond to its former water level. Funding for this work will be obtained through the sale of properties and through third-party donations and fundraising efforts led by the Friends of Moeckel Pond non-profit team.
  • When will the new dam be built?
    July 2019
  • Who will own the dam?
    Once the dam is restored, it will be owned by the Moeckel Pond Village District.
  • Who will own the pond and island?
    In November of 2012, the pond and the island officially became public property held by the Windham Conservation Commission.
  • Will there be public access to the pond?
    Yes. There will be a small parking area accessible from Bayleak Way in Pelham, NH. See a site map here.
  • What about dam liability?
    The dam will be owned and m
    aintained by the Village District and liability will lie with the Village District, and not with the residents. The Village District will be eligible for low-premium liability insurance through the New Hampshire Municipal Association’s Property Liability Trust.
  • Why do we need a Village District?
    We need to have a public entity to own and maintain the dam. This entity should be controlled by the residents of Windham who live on Moeckel Pond. The Moeckel Pond Village district fulfills these needs.
  • Will there be any regulations imposed on the residents of the village district, similar to a homeowner’s association?
    No. The purpose of the Village District is very narrowly defined by New Hampshire RSA 52:1(I)(k). Our Village District will exist to own and maintain Moeckel Pond dam, and that is all.
  • What will be the water level in the pond with the repaired dam?
    The current plan is that the water level will be restored to what has been traditionally and recently considered to be normal. The dam and new spillway will be designed to maintain that level, ensuring there is water in Moeckel Pond and preventing the overtopping and flooding that has been problematic during storms in the last few years. To ensure that the level is properly set and maintained, input will be taken from the members of the village district and from our neighbors on Rock Pond as well as the State of New Hampshire and the engineering design team. This will be done as part of the final engineering design.
  • How can I make a donation to this effort?
    The Windham Endowment for Community Advancement allows for donations through their website: Donations can also be made through the Friends of Moeckel Pond website.